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Ever been looking for one site which will provide all the festival information you need wherever you may be? That's the absolute plan with thecomicfestival.com, who will be sourcing some of the best reporters worldwide to report on those essential occasions. Be it art, music, literature, comedy or cinema - you name it - we'll be your go-to source for all the best advice and listings. So if you like some real culture in your lifestyle, welcome and we hope you enjoy the adventures to come!

Music Festivals

Music Festivals

It may sound surprising to younger readers, but music festivals were not always very widely attended. Some of the biggest global festivals nowadays started up with only a few hundred attendees! So as well as reporting on the annual regulars, expect to find quality reviews of up and coming new destinations. Eastern Europe is massively on the ascendency - especially for electronica and rock - but of course, we'll report on smaller, and more particular events worldwide. Expect to fond some Kanye with your country footstompers!

European Film Festival

One festival that is going to feature every year is the European Film Festival. Currently rotating host cities on an annual basis, they nowadays showcase not just European movies but also all kinds of international cinema. There are dozens of small-scale film festivals across Europe throughout the year, so it that happens to be your number one lifestyle choice - we'll review and recommend the very best. Unlike mainstream agencies and broadcast networks, we are totally independent. For example, we aren't worried about advert revenue for Hellboy 3 or whatever! So what you read is a very real and independent appraisal every single time.


John, New Jersey

John, New Jersey

Angie & Lox, Tennessee

Angie & Lox, Tennessee

Harry J

Harry J & family, Canada

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