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How to Dress for a Comic Con

Preparing for conventions or cons brings joy to so many enthusiasts around the world. A con is a place where like-minded people can gather and share what they’re passionate about. You can’t really wear costumes of your favorite characters to work – unless you work as Cinderella at Disney World. That’s how conventions were created – for a couple of days in a year you can dress up as your favorite character, go to a convention, have fun and meet new people. If you’re thinking about attending comic con for the first time, read on to see how you can dress up for it.  

Pick your outfit

Depending on how much you’re comfortable dressing up for a comic con, you can wear a simple logo tee or buy a costume from the store. There are many online shops you can get your costume from, too. If you want to take cosplay to the next level, go all in and design a costume for yourself, making sure it fits like a glove. The last option will require some time, but it’ll be all worth it once you see the end result. After you’ve decided on the character, think of the materials needed to replicate their costume. Just make sure it’s comfortable since you’ll be spending the whole day wearing it!

Makeup to complete the look

To be able to fully transform yourself into a character you’ve picked, you’ll need to put on some makeup (unless your character wears some kind of a mask). Be sure to replicate even the tiniest details of your character’s makeup to make it feel realistic and convincing. However, if you’re not sure you can handle the makeup part or there’s some complex body painting involved, ask an artistic friend to help you out. They can give you a hand with places that are difficult to reach, like your shoulders and your back. Don’t forget to have a photo of your character nearby – that will help you copy their look more precisely.

Bring only the essentials

There are several things that you’ll need to have with you the whole time you’re at the convention – your phone, your camera, some snacks, and of course, your wallet with some extra cash for all the nerdy merch and geeky goodies your comic-loving self needs! And, let’s not forget about the glue and tapes you have to bring just in case your costume or prop falls apart and you need a quick fix. But how does one keep all these things at hand all the time? That’s where belt bags from Australia come in handy – you can put one around your waist and not worry about your things getting lost or stolen! They’re easy to wear and very trendy, too.

Don’t forget your props!

Of course, no cosplay character is complete without their props! Depending on how much time you have before the con and whether you have the necessary skills for it, you can make them on your own. If being crafty isn’t your thing or your prop turned out too simple, you can look for some cool ones online. Just ensure that they are lightweight and not too large since you’ll be carrying them around all day long. Also, before you bring your stuff to the con, check the rules regarding the props – some conventions don’t allow fake guns or swords, so you had better check if you can enter the con with it – otherwise, you’ll be forced to leave it at the entrance and your character will look like they’re missing something, which won’t be as fun.

Get into your character

The best part of going to a comic con is that you get to be someone you really like for a whole day! That’s why you want to give all you can to do it right. Think about your character – do they have a signature pose? Are there some lines or witty comebacks they often use? Being a cosplayer implies really getting into your role – it’s very much like acting. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that you’re having fun and enjoying yourself!

Cons are a great way to merge your personality with that of your favorite character and create something new that other cosplayers will appreciate. Attending cons means having fun, sharing your passion with people alike and just being goofy and enjoying all day long – what’s not to love about that?


Where to Buy Quality THC Gummies Online

Quality THC Gummies

The legalization of weed may have meant that people in relative states could smoke weed, legally devoid of consequences. After this, some companies were founded to cater for the needs of the target market. Upon careful assessment, it was vital to provide different means upon which marijuana could be consumed rather than just inhaled and a means upon which the same effects could be achieved. As innovation sparked foods infused with cannabis would make their way into the market. The foods or edibles as some would have it, have gained recognition among marijuana consumers and sales in this sector have been promising.


Some of the marijuana edibles that are prominent among marijuana consumers are the thc gummies that are modified mainly to suit the cannabis users who may have a sweet tooth. The cannabis-infused candies come in a variety of flavors such as strawberry, peach, marionberry, tropical punch, among others. There are various options which are meant to provide a wide array of flavors for the cannabis consumer as well as increase sales made by the seller.

However, most people would have no idea where they can purchase similar cannabis-infused goodies to suit their needs. Some of the online stores available for this purpose include; Incredibles, Leafly, Mega marijuana store, among others.


Incredibles is cannabis-infused Product Company owned by the parent company; Medically Correct LLC. It is founded on the delivery of high-quality products through innovation. Thus, the company is vested on growth in the long-term where its stance in the market place has been possible due to consistency and reliability in the delivery of products for its consumer markets.


Leafly, on the other hand, prides itself on being the “world’s largest cannabis information resource.” The company creates insight into a viable product that suits an individual’s wellness and lifestyle needs. In addition, Leafy is another reliable online source where you can buy quality the gummies.

Mega Marijuana Store

The Mega Marijuana Shop ensures that products are secured and protected in a manner that guarantees delivery to product users globally. In all, these are just but a few of the stores. Many more exist upon which cannabis-infused products can be purchased.


There is no limit to the numbers of online stores available and upon which purchases can be made. The options listed above are just but a few. The stores may have similar products whilst other may have slightly differentiated products. It is fairly important that the consumer is able to seek clarity on the cannabis infused edibles that he/she may need, as different edibles may incorporate different volumes and strains of marijuana in them.

Therefore, insight and understanding is paramount. With many cannabis infused edibles to choose from and with the numerous strains of cannabis available in the market, medical marijuana patients, general consumers utilizing marijuana edibles for recreational purposes, and enthusiasts may need to assess various online stores and the products they offer in terms of quality and costs before purchase.