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Charity Run Events in 2019


Charity marathon events have become popular over the years. They are used to raise money for donations in the various non-government organizations. Participating in these charity marathon events is essential as it is healthy for you and also the money is used to help those in needs around the world.

You should keep a record for the upcoming events in 2019 in your calendar so that you do not miss out. You can choose to participate with your family or friends as it will be more fun. Here are some of the charity marathon events in 2019 that you should know.

1. Wings for Life World Run

This is one most famous charity event in the world. People around the world participate in this charitable event at the same time. To participate in the run, you need to register a certain amount of fee, and the money is used in spinal cord related research.


You can choose to run at the event location, or you can run using their mobile app and compete with other people around the globe. The event is planned to take place in May 2019, and you are required to choose your location when registering.

2. Santa Cruz Half Marathon.

The event is scheduled for March 2019, and it includes half-marathon, 5,000 and 10, 000 meters. The winners for the three categories will be awarded medals.

The registration amounts are different depending on the marathon that you want to be part of. Due to the high number of people who are involved in the charity run event, it is essential that you make early registrations for easier planning. If you plan on participating, you should get the 2019 marathon t-shirt.

3. TCS New York City Marathon

This run event takes place every year for 2019; it will be on November 3rd. This event aims to help people around the world living with health conditions such as Alzheimer and cancer. If you are willing to participate in this event, you should check for the qualifications from their website.

4. Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon.

This marathon has been in existence for many years, and it is certified. This run aims to provide food, clothing and school programs to those in need. The funds are donated to the various charity organizations around the world. It is essential that you register early enough for this great charity event.


If you are considering taking part in the charity marathons, you should prepare early. This means that you need to understand the exact time and location of the event. You will be able to know if you need to book hotels and also save the date on your calendar. Also, ensure that you make early registration from their websites as some will have discounts for early bookings. The right clothing is necessary to ensure that you are comfortable while running. Before registering in the charity events, you need to find out how they used their past donations and how they intend to use the funds collected in 2019.


Vaping guide for beginners


Vaping is a term used to refer to the use of a personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette. Someone smoking traditional tobacco is referred to as a smoker while a person who uses e-cigarette is a vaper. Below is a guide to learn how to vape.

Anatomy of an E-Cigarette

E-cigarettes commonly known as personal vaporizers is an alternative device to smoking tobacco that allows people to vaporize e-liquid, a mixture of food flavorings, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and sometimes nicotine. Vaping devices come in a variety of shapes and colors depending on their intended use.

Some might look like a regular cigarette while others may resemble a box, a tube, a pen, or others but they all serve the same purpose.

Despite the large selection of these devices in the market today, they all have some common things. All of them use a lithium battery to heat a wire coil. The e-liquid is drawn to the coil by use of a wick. The e-liquid is heated by the coil and vaporizes to be inhaled. You can purchase your E-Cigarette in stores such as smokey news. Let us look at the general components of a vapor device.


Battery – This is the source of power to the device. The type of batteries used is rechargeable high drain batteries and non-replaceable internal battery.

Atomizer – This is a heat resistant part that contains one or more resistance wire coils and its wicks and a reservoir to hold e-liquid.

Atomizers come in many different styles including Hybrid Atomizers (Genesis Atomizers and rebuildable dripping tank atomizers), Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, Clearomizers, Cartomizers, and atomized cartridges (obsolete). Each has its own disadvantages and advantages.

Coil(s) – A small piece of resistance wire made into a coil shape that resembles a spring. The number of wraps, the diameter of the coil, and the type of wire used will affect the resistance of the coil.


Resistance determines how much electricity is needed to heat it and the amount of power that will be generated. They are made from NiChrome and Kanthal, but recent research has shown that Nickel is the most safe to use for vaping.

E-liquid – Also known as e-juice, this is the mixture containing food flavorings, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and sometimes nicotine.

E-liquid can come in a variety of VG/PG nicotine strengths and rations. Typically, the majority of cigarette smokers who are quitting smoking with the help of e-cigarettes will begin using high nicotine e-liquid and later move low strength juices.

What Device Is Best For Beginners?

A beginner is somebody with less or no experience on vaping. For them, it is advisable to use devices with integrated internal batteries which are low output regulated. Paired with Clearomizers with resistance over 1.0 ohms that use easily replaceable coils. This maximizes ease of use and safety.

Although more advanced devices will outperform these devices, they are useful as they make the users determine if vaping is right for them and later they can go for more complex ones. The most popular Pod Devices and starter kits are the JUUL starter kit.