Finding Best Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In 2019

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Drug and alcohol addiction are big problems affecting people across the world. The addiction can cause unprovoked incidents of violent behavior and also lead to severe psychological problems.

There are many reputed drug and alcohol rehab centers which provide alcohol de-addiction programs, where the main focus is on giving support to the addicts to overcome not only the addiction but also handle fear and stress.Here are some of the things to look when finding best drug and alcohol rehab centers in 2019

The Treatment Process at Alcohol Rehab Centers

The first step towards de-addiction at the rehab centers involves detoxification. Detoxification involves withdrawal and resurgence of withdrawal. It can be a painful procedure for the addict as the body finds it difficult to deal with the symptoms caused by the sudden lack of alcohol.

However, doctors and medical therapists at the centers offer help to the addicts by the help of rehab facility through the difficult phase.

Timmy lights a glass pipe of crystal meth in the bathroom of his sober living home in San Clemente. He closes the window and turns the shower to steaming hot to disguise the smell. He said he got the meth a few days earlier from another addict at their outpatient treatment center in San Juan Capistrano. Less than an hour later his housemates call the house manager to report him being high. A few hours later he's kicked out and sent to Mission Hospital Laguna Beach where he spends the night.(Photo by Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Once the addict is able to cope with the withdrawal symptoms the second phase of the de-addiction process is started. This involves counseling sessions with an expert counselor, adept in handling cases of alcohol abuse. There is a group as well as individual counseling sessions at the drug and alcohol rehab centers.

The alcohol addicts are generally in the very poor physical, emotional and mental, state which makes it necessary that the treatment center provides the addict adequate counseling, therapy, and medication, that would help the addict not just to bounce back to life as well.

Duration of the Treatment

There is no fixed time span for the drug and alcohol de-addiction treatment. The duration depends on various individual factors that decide the time the treatment will take. The key factors are the extent of addiction and the type of damage the addict has suffered.


The treatment and complete recovery process depend on the mental, behavioral and emotional state of the patient. The patient has to be responsive for the doctors and medical experts to begin the treatment. The treatment is carried out in different phases.

Treatment for detoxification is the first phase of the de-addiction program. On average, the detoxification program lasts around 4 to 6 weeks depending on the response from the patient.

After the detoxification program, the patient is given therapy and counseling.

Therapy can sometimes take months as the therapist, and the patient has to deal with a lot of issues such as emotional disturbances, behavioral problems, and many such issues that lead to alcoholism. Sometimes the problems are deep-rooted and go back to the individual’s childhood at other addiction stems from insecurities.

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There are many other reasons to alcoholism, and the therapist helps the patient to get to the cause and address it with the right perspective rather than shielding behind drug and alcohol. Once the patient is stable and in control, the therapy sessions are continued as an outpatient treatment.

Getting Help for Addiction

There is a tremendous amount of awareness amongst people these days, and they recognize alcohol addiction when they see it. Alcoholism is a common scourge of society, but the good thing is there is help available through drug and alcohol rehab centers. Alcoholism is treatable when the right treatment given to the addict.

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