How Efficient are Solar Panels?

Solar energy has emerged as on me of the best way to generate electricity at a very cheap cost and clean manner. With the world pollutions increasing every day, there is a need it people to start embracing the use of solar panels to generate electricity. By how efficient are solar panels?

Efficiency of solar panels
It has been established that a good solar panel can convert between 15 to 22 percent of solar energy into usable energy. We have various factors that are going to affect this including, weather conditions, the way the solar has been placed, orientation, and many more. The value of sunlight that is converted to actual electricity is known as the “performance”. It is the performance that is going to determine the efficiency of your solar panel. To know if the solar panel is efficient or not, it is usually tested at STC (Standard Test Conditions). STC is given at an irradiance of 1000 W/m2 and temperatures of 25degress Celsius.

Apart from the above conditions, solar panels are also tested against extreme weather conditions so as to know if they are going to withstand such conditions when they come up. Some of the extreme weather conditions that are tested to determine the efficiency of a solar panel include ice, snow, hail, Wind, chemical residue, insulation resistance, thermal cycling, damp heat testing, and UV degradation.

Reason for testing solar panel efficiency
The efficiency of solar panels is usually done to make sure the kind of solar panels being sold in the market are of high quality. With this, the solar panel manufacturer has to prove that the panels being produced are of long term efficiency and will offer Long term durability to the user. You can click to read more about solar panel efficiency.

Solar panels have remained the best option for clean energy. It, therefore, calls for everyone to start using them as their sources of energy.

Abigail Oliver

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