Over the coming months we’ll be listing all of our traders on this page (Subject to them sending us the information) so check back regularly to ensure you are up to date


Poly-Props Ltd develops and produces crafting materials perfect for the cosplay community. Ranging from foams to resins, Poly-Props Ltd aims to innovate the cosplay culture, making materials and cosplay more accessible.


Joseph Oliveira is a BAFTA nominated filmmaker and the writer behind the successful Kickstarter graphic novel - Ghost Island.

On a remote island a wealthy entrepreneur has secretly created a theme park first of its kind full of imprisoned ghosts. Before opening the attraction to the general public he seeks the help from a troubled psychic Josh Evans.

The story explores the origins of these imprisoned ghosts and tell their stories through psychic Josh while battling his own personal demons.


Tom Sparke is a Cambridge based Illustrator and cartoonist. He creates fun and strange characters for kids and adults alike and has worked mainly on comics and activity books for most of his career so far.

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Lee is an artist who draws and paints comic, film, TV and music related art at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy it. Check out his Facebook page and take a look at the style he paints and what he paints. He also prints his artwork onto t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and other ceramics.


FutureQuake Press (FQP) are the award nominated publishers of FutureQuake, Something Wicked and the acclaimed 2000 AD fanzines Dogbreath & Zarjaz.

Birmingham based and internationally known, FQP are proud to be back at Edgbaston for the third year running with the finest anthology comics available.


Chibinendo Art is a company dedicated to the creation and sale of decoration and merchandising, offering limited edition statues, busts and fine art pieces in a wide range of scales. Chibinendo Art’s peculiarity is based on the unique designs and the quality of its products.

The artist, Victoria Curtin Rivera is based in the Midlands of England, with an MA in Cultural and artistic management at the University of Winchester and six years of experience in clay modelling and ceramic techniques. Her love for art and science-fiction have driven her to create her sculptures, always showing exemplary dedication to her art.Victoria doesn’t sell products: she sells your ideas."


Getting Personal With Prints is a Nottingham based organisation who specialise in the different and unique. We were established earlier this year, and inspired by a one off frame that we put together depicting a rare Lego Joker mini figure, which was a gift for a friend. The frame was posted on Facebook and just took off, and we started producing a range of themed and personalised frames from then on. The Joker has remained our icon and inspiration and joins us at all our events, as well as being the face of our enterprise.

Our speciality and best selling products are our bespoke mini figure frames, many of which we personalise for specific events or to individual customer requirements. Our ranges cover Marvel, DC, Disney and Star Wars along with well known celebrities, sports teams and TV programmes - we can even turn you and your friends into mini figures!! We have been successfully selling these at a range of craft fair events and comic conventions in the East Midlands, as well as in our concession at The Yards outlet in Kettering, Northants and via our Facebook page, where our following continues to grow!! Our most recent fan, who received his own personalised frame, was the great Sugar Ray Leonard, who loved it so much, he whacked it on his Instagram account straight away!!

We thrive on being different, being unique, putting something out there that you won't see in any shop or on any high street. Our presence at local craft fair events has been felt massively, with our off the wall displays, large iconic joker figure and our co-founder, who is a thick set guy with a beard and a load of tattoos - not the average craft fair type!! We love that we cause a bit of a stir, and that we make people look again!!

We look forward to putting a smile on your face when we see you on the 29th April at the Birmingham Comic Convention.


Zookie Cartoons by Keri Johnson

Cartoonist Keri Johnson. I am the creator of web comic 'Zookie the Dragon', a weekly cartoon strip which follows the antics of a group of young dragons living in the English countryside. I will be selling prints of my most popular strips, as well as my first book, a complete collection of Zookie the Dragon's first year. I also draw pet caricatures and am open for commissions.


The UK's biggest and best journal of all things happening in Asian pop culture - anime, manga, cosplay, music, movies, games, food and more!

Geeky Monkey magazine is for anyone with a passion for movies, games, TV, tech, sci-fi, comics and all that lovely geeky stuff!



Stu Perrins is the British Comic Awards nominated writer and creator of Whatever happened to the Archetype?, Prime and Demonic Advisory Centre.

He has worked with such publishers as Insane Comics and WP Comics and has had his work appear in FutureQuake and The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel.

Follow him on twitter at @stuperrins


Sugar rush is an independent sweet shop in the centre of Banbury that specialises in American imported sweets and retro English sweets. We have been in the shop for just 6 months so we are still pretty fresh out of the box and loving every minute (who wouldn't love being in a sweet shop all day?).

In the shop we have 108 different pick n mix, 96 different jar sweets, a range of sour stuff (toxic waste is most popular!), lots of penny sweets (which now cost between 5p and 10p) plus our imported corner.

Collectors like the Americana aspect with oversize cans and unusual flavours....root beer pop tarts anyone?

At the Birmingham Comic Con we will be bringing a range of American and Japanese sweets, plus some new drinks including Romulan ale, T-virus antidote and street-fighter dragon punch. I'll be keeping prices low for you lovely people so look out for some bargains!


"Get A Life Designs was created by Tom Molyneux while eating his Star Wars cereal one morning and trying to be an adult in the big city of London.

At Get A Life Designs you will find enamel pins / stickers / art prints and more.

All of the pins and products are designed by Tom, all paying homage to films / tv shows / comics and video games that he loves and is influenced by.

To keep update with the happenings of the store and exclusives in the run up to Birimingham Comic Con be sure to follow @getalifedesigns on Instagram."

Website is


Dan Whitehead is the writer of retro gaming horror comic Hex Loader, post-apocalyptic adventure comic Midwinter, best-selling non-fiction book Speccy Nation, young adult sci-fi novel Atlanta Tully and the Cotton Slaves, graphic novel adaptations of Jason and the Argonauts and Julius Caesar and two official Star Wars books. He is both taller and hairier than average


The UKGK Magazine is a garage kit model magazine with lots of tips of how to build and paint model kits, the latest releases of garage model kits, interviews with sculptors, collectors and producers of garage kit model kits, film and television reviews and reviews on different garage model kit shows. All of the kits are based on artwork, tv shows and films. The first issue will be released on September 25th 2016 at the UKGK show and we are looking forward to selling these at the Birmingham Comic con next year!!!!


Nostalgia & Comics is one of the oldest comics shops in the UK, a family friendly store that has a massive selection of Graphic Novels, merchandise and an impressive back issue section. Gotta' Geek um all!!! The Elite Four of your geek needs - Comics, Graphic novels, Manga & Back issues. We're also a PokéStop for all those budding trainers out there, so you can come and get your fill on XP and Supplies!


You'll know this fine gentleman by either the 'Man in the Hat' or Pete's Comics.  Always friendly and more importantly offering a huge range of British and American comics at massively discounted prices you'll no doubt want to spend plenty of time browsing his boxes!

For More information:


At a lot of conventions these days you can find various sweet and food companies offering American and Japanese style treats, but one that's been popular and amazingly tasty is Galloway Fudge Company. Their range of delicious confectionery, handmade in traditional ways guarantees your satisfaction. And did we mention they do horror themed sweets too!


Fran Jacobs has a masters in ancient history and lives in Swansea (but moving to Derby) with her three cats. She’s cat, horror and cake crazy writes fantasy and horror novels/short stories, and makes gothic, fantasy, steampunk, horror type jewellery.

You can catch Fran at the show and if you can’t wait- check out her Etsy shop – if you use the code MOVING15 you can even get a 15% discount. See the second link for more.


You know him as ‘Hot Hal’ the self proclaimed sexiest man in comics!

Joking aside, Hal Laren is a face that’s been around the indie comic scene for the last 10 years. He has launched many of his own titles under his comic Publishing company

Apart from publishing 24 comics and 3 graphic novels, he also find time to create cover artwork for other small press in the UK as well as the USA and other countries.

To date he’s produced around 30 covers for many comic publishers including Bluewater - Foot Solders, Black Alpha Moon, Bearlands, Wildwire, Torsobear, Brethren Born and a lot more.

Assisting publishers in their day to day printing needs, Hals day time job of Publications Manager at UK Comics is all about helping people with their comic/printing related questions.

Hal is currently working on a soon to be released 6 part comic. As well as 3 of his own including Ven - Path of the Lastv.


We are TanraStudios, comprising of Tara Washington and Nadia Williams. We are freelance digital (and occasionally traditional) artists, mainly specializing in comic illustration with a Manga-style influence, and often themed around fantasy, mythology and the supernatural. We have been publishing since July 2015, though individually, the two of us have been creating comics and art for far longer.

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Mal Signature Services deals in signed comics/Graphic novels and sketches/commissions by going to various UK Comic Conventions & Comic Shop Signings, meeting with the industry’s biggest and most creative artists & writers.

With Mal Signature Services, we are trying to provide a little something for people who are unable to attend or can’t afford to travel long distances to these events. With a small service fee of £7.50 for a signature and £15 for a sketch (plus P&P), you also get a COA and a Photo print of the guest with each request.

If you have any inquiries or wish to make a request, email us at and we will give all the information you need.

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