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Vaping guide for beginners


Vaping is a term used to refer to the use of a personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette. Someone smoking traditional tobacco is referred to as a smoker while a person who uses e-cigarette is a vaper. Below is a guide to learn how to vape.

Anatomy of an E-Cigarette

E-cigarettes commonly known as personal vaporizers is an alternative device to smoking tobacco that allows people to vaporize e-liquid, a mixture of food flavorings, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and sometimes nicotine. Vaping devices come in a variety of shapes and colors depending on their intended use.

Some might look like a regular cigarette while others may resemble a box, a tube, a pen, or others but they all serve the same purpose.

Despite the large selection of these devices in the market today, they all have some common things. All of them use a lithium battery to heat a wire coil. The e-liquid is drawn to the coil by use of a wick. The e-liquid is heated by the coil and vaporizes to be inhaled. You can purchase your E-Cigarette in stores such as smokey news. Let us look at the general components of a vapor device.


Battery – This is the source of power to the device. The type of batteries used is rechargeable high drain batteries and non-replaceable internal battery.

Atomizer – This is a heat resistant part that contains one or more resistance wire coils and its wicks and a reservoir to hold e-liquid.

Atomizers come in many different styles including Hybrid Atomizers (Genesis Atomizers and rebuildable dripping tank atomizers), Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, Clearomizers, Cartomizers, and atomized cartridges (obsolete). Each has its own disadvantages and advantages.

Coil(s) – A small piece of resistance wire made into a coil shape that resembles a spring. The number of wraps, the diameter of the coil, and the type of wire used will affect the resistance of the coil.


Resistance determines how much electricity is needed to heat it and the amount of power that will be generated. They are made from NiChrome and Kanthal, but recent research has shown that Nickel is the most safe to use for vaping.

E-liquid – Also known as e-juice, this is the mixture containing food flavorings, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and sometimes nicotine.

E-liquid can come in a variety of VG/PG nicotine strengths and rations. Typically, the majority of cigarette smokers who are quitting smoking with the help of e-cigarettes will begin using high nicotine e-liquid and later move low strength juices.

What Device Is Best For Beginners?

A beginner is somebody with less or no experience on vaping. For them, it is advisable to use devices with integrated internal batteries which are low output regulated. Paired with Clearomizers with resistance over 1.0 ohms that use easily replaceable coils. This maximizes ease of use and safety.

Although more advanced devices will outperform these devices, they are useful as they make the users determine if vaping is right for them and later they can go for more complex ones. The most popular Pod Devices and starter kits are the JUUL starter kit.