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The Latest Beauty Hack for Millennials


Following the latest Instagram trends, Millennials have started getting lip fillers and other non-surgical treatments pretty often. These procedures are safe and reliable, which makes them easier to get done than, let’s say, surgeries, but you still get the desired result. And if you ever thought about doing it, here is some useful information.

Types of lip fillers


There are many types of lip fillers, but hyaluronic acid is the most popular one. It is a substance that you normally have in your body, which makes it a perfect solution to enhance the volume of your lips. It is much safer and gives a more natural result than collagen which was used earlier. Other options are fat and silicone, but due to many risks, they are not used often today. There are different types of hyaluronic fillers as well, and some of the most commonly used are Restylane, Juvederm Ultra, HylaForm, and others.

Benefits of lip fillers


Choosing lip fillers over other lip augmentation treatments is much better for many reasons. Injectable lip fillers have become a huge trend thanks to Instagram, the influence of beauty gurus and the needs of younger generations. And thankfully, they have shared so many useful information so that you know exactly what to expect. First of all, fillers help you achieve the desired result gradually, which means that you can follow the process and add as much as you want. This enables better and more natural results. Another benefit that many love is that the recovery process is fairly simple. With lip fillers, you experience less bruising, and any bumps that occur dissolve fast. This is a big plus because this makes it a procedure you can do before an important event that you want to look good for. Allergic reactions are not a common side effect, so if you are worried about any medical aspect, you can be sure that this is the best solution. Another benefit is that the results last up to a couple of months, and after each treatment, you extend the duration. However, they are not permanent, so if you ever change your mind, you can easily get back the previous size and shape.

How does the procedure look

When you go to the consultation, your doctor will tell you how much filler you need and where they are going to go. During this mapping process, you can choose the size and shape, although it is best to listen to the doctor’s advice. Once you go to get the procedure done, you may be injected with a local anesthetic first, so you don’t feel the needle. After the treatment which lasts for a couple of minutes, you should apply something cold to the lips until the swelling goes down, which will happen in no more than a few days.

How much do lip fillers cost

Lip fillers can cost anywhere from $500 to $2000 dollars depending on the quality and quantity. Not everyone will need the same amount, and that is up to your doctor to decide. The average cost of a good quality lip filler is around $600, which is another benefit since it is much cheaper than surgeries, for example.

Why you should do it

We shouldn’t follow every beauty trend blindly. However, when it comes to lip fillers, influencers, and even celebrities have shown us how safe and easy it is. We have all the info available, and when you count the benefits, reaching a decision seems easy. Little to no side effects, a budget-friendly option and the gradual effect are more than enough to prove why this is the best way to go if you want fuller lips.