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5 Reasons Yoga Is Better Than The Gym


Although most of us visit the gym with the mindset of getting fit and slim, it is not always about the physical look, but the emotional and metal feel as well. So, ask me, yoga or the gym? I would definitely choose yoga. But, why do I consider yoga better than the gym? Listed below are my reasons. Have a look.

1. It benefits both the internal and external body

Unlike the gym that benefits the physical body, yoga does more than toning your body. The exercise may not be the best when you are looking forward to seeing weight-loss results fast, but it works out the whole body at a time.


Besides working on your physical appearance, it helps to infuse your body with positive energy and spirits. Also, the twisting, folding, and stretching associated with yoga practice plays a role in a better digestive and circulatory system, which means that yoga is a great way to improve the cardiovascular system and detox.

2. Yoga lets you forget about the word “Injury.”

If you want to forget about the common injuries associated with a gym workout, consider yoga. With yoga, it is almost impossible to get injured; just don’t push yourself hard.

3. Yoga doesn’t discriminate

The gym isn’t suitable for people with disabilities, and it is usually off-limits to kids. The best part of yoga is that it doesn’t discriminate in terms of the people who can practice it or the location it can be held, as you will see later in this article. So, if you are disabled, aged, a kid, pregnant, or an adult you can practice yoga and make it one of the best body practices.

4. It reduces stress

Unlike hitting the gym that gives you the pressure to build a muscle and burn extra fat, yoga is a calm exercise that relieves stress instead of building it. Yoga involves exercises such as meditation which provides you with the chance to clear out the mind and lower overall stress levels.

5. Yoga doesn’t have a “preferable” location


Same to the fact that yoga doesn’t discriminate who can or cannot practice it, it doesn’t require that you have a specific place designed to practice it. With a yoga mat, you can practice it almost anywhere; be it on the beach, at home, among other locations you find suitable.


There you have it; Top reasons why I consider yoga to be better than the gym. For those and other reasons such as yoga helps to improve concentration, make you lean, help you breathe easier and reduce pains and aches, I don’t plan to change my mind on the fact that yoga is better than the gym.