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6 Common Beginner Mistakes in Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography

No man who is too perfect never to make a mistake, all beginners in all professions there are always chances for mistakes even though I am not advocating for mistakes. In landscapes photography, there are small mistakes that one can avoid if properly trained and advised.

Landscape photography is quite enjoyable even though most beginners are quite prone to mistakes which make them turn to review of sleeklens. If you dream to be a professional landscape photographer, don’t fear and quit instead read the below list of common beginner mistakes in landscape photography and you will improve with time.

1. Most beginners fail to use manual focus

Different camera has different focusing system, but it is good to know that no matter how strong a camera may be, automatic focusing will never be good in a dark environment. Therefore every beginner in landscape photography should learn how to use manual focus to attain good sharpness for a photo you intend to shoot at night. Remember once you set a manual focus you will not need to reset and you can take several following pictures with ease.



2. Some photographers ignore the depth of field

Most beginners take photos with no depth of field in mind, in fact some just capture the subject viewed by the camera hence not capturing some of the intended subjects. Beginners in landscape photography should therefore understand the three main divisions of a landscape photo that is the foreground, the middle and the background and know how to position their camera to capture all the subjects intended within the frame.

3. Some beginners shot too wide

Some beginners get surprised by how their cameras can capture a wide scene, and they end up shooting too wide. Never do it again because shooting too wide means you capture too many subjects hence making your main subject to be less noticeable and also the many subjects cause distractions to your viewers.

4. Having a complicated composition

In photography, everyone works hard to be unique and to capture photographs that have never been taken before. However, it is good to avoid being too much complicated. Always let your subject be easily noticeable, be simple and always try to apply the rule of the third.


If you avoid this mistake of capturing complicated photos and train to capture simpler photos you will automatically get your subject easily noticed and hence attracting the attention of your viewer.

5. Most beginners depend more on editing

Some landscape photography beginners have a mentality that post-processing activities can make every picture to appear pleasant, and hence they end up taking pictures with no professionalism with a perception that they will edit it to suit their need. Kindly note that post-processing is meant to make a good photo look better.

6. Shooting too many times

Shooting too many times is advocated for; however you should do the shooting as you review your work to gauge your progress, unlike some beginners who do too many shooting without evaluating. It is advisable you take several shots but keep reviewing your work to note your mistakes and do the necessary correction.

If you read through the above mistakes made by landscape photographers you will be able to point out your possible error and look for solutions to make you a professional landscape photographer.