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Norway Russefeiring – The Tradition Behind Famous High School Celebration

Norway Russefeiring – The Tradition Behind Famous High School Celebration

What is your first association when it comes to Norway? It’s probably the everlasting snow, where polar bears roam the streets while you ski to the shops. But you couldn’t be more wrong. The foreigners are often tricked into believing that Norway is some wildland.

However, if you arrive here between late April and early May, when famous russefeiring is taking place, you would think you entered some American college movie.For more information, visit https://norgesbriketten.no/dugnad-russ/.Let’s bust some myths and explain what russefeiring stands for.

It’s a long tradition

Students Celebrating

Russefeiring dates back to 1905, when red caps, in Norway Russ, represented a symbol of a student who completed a high school and moved to college or university. In the beginning, these celebrations were modest, but they turned into a three-week party over the years, which included many elements of the original tradition.

There are some costumes involved

When we say costumes, we don’t think of Halloween costumes. Each student is given a cap in a black, green, or red color, and a set of overalls. The color of the cap represents the subject the student has been studying. You will find that red is the most common color on the streets of Norway, which represents general studies.
On the other hand, many students choose to customize their outfits by adding writing quotes or patches on them. Also, you will see the year of graduation and name on the costume as well.

It’s all about parties

All graduation parties involve a fair share of drinking, having fun, and outrageous behavior. However, Norwegian students take partying to another level. Each year, they have to complete at least one dare just to have fun.

But each dare is linked to an item that is tied to the cap, to illustrate how daring someone is. While these dares can he harmless as going to school 30 minutes early and spending time in a tree, others can be quite challenging like stripping naked in a public place and performing a pole dance.A person who collects the highest number of knots can often expect to receive a prize. Other dares often involve acting out in a class because these students are still attending school.

What is a Russ bus?

Two Norway Student

This project actually begins months before the actual russefeiring. Usually, a group of students, at least 20 of them buy a bus and turn it into a mobile night club. Each bus has a particular theme, pained in bright colors, while music is blasting through speakers.However, the Russ bus isn’t cheap, and some vehicles can reach the price up to $118,000.

This is a pre-graduation party

The funny thing about russefeiring is that it starts around the 20th of April and lasts for three weeks, until the 17th of May, a national holiday. Students still attend classes, and they are yet to take their final exams.Since the parting has become too hard-core, some suggested that students switch the date; however, they still have a hard time letting go of the tradition.