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What Are The Most Eco Friendly Fabrics?


The clothes we wear and the textiles which they are made from can hurt our environment and even cause some health risks to us. The good thing is that we have eco-friendly fabrics as the best alternatives for our clothing. Below are the best eco-friendly fabrics to consider.



Bamboo is a highly renewable grass that is hardy and grown with little inputs of chemicals. This fabric is biodegradable and contains some properties of natural antibacterial, it is also breathable. see here for more infoemation about Bamboo

Organic cotton

More than 25 per cent of pesticide in the world is used ino ctton production. Cotton is grown without any chemical, chemical or synthetic input.Natural dyes or coloured cotton cans be used to reduce the level of chemical pollution in our ecosystem.


Industrial hemp is another type of eco-friendly fabric. It is rapidly renewable, grows without any fertilizer requirements, requires little or even no pesticide. It is also easy to harvest and does not deplete soil nutrients.

Recyclable polyester

This is another eco-friendly fabric; it is made from cast-off polyester plus soda bottles. It is 75 per cent in carbon content than the virgin polyester.


Slil fabric is made from soy protein fibre that remains after processing soybeans.



Tancel is another excellent type of eco-friendly fabric. It is made from natural cellulose wood pulp. Tancel is fully biodegradable, making it one of the best fabrics to consider if you are into saving our ecosystem.


Wool is fire resistant, renewable and does not require any chemicals inputs. You can find wool from humanely treated animals like sheep. Nowadays, organic wool is widely available; you won’t have to struggle to get access to is it ways some time back. Organic wool Is produced using best and sustainable farming practices.For more info go to this web site.