What Is A Breast Capsulorrhaphy

What Is A Breast Capsulorrhaphy

Breast capsulorrhaphy is a powerful technique which is reliable and safe for repairing breast implant malposition and improve the outcome of reoperative breast surgery. It is a technique that has received little attention in the publications and is, therefore, it is under-utilized.

Capsulorography is used for correcting female breasts where reduction or implants surgery have been performed.

The breast tissue is in a sort of “capsule” that consists of the scar tissue formed by the incisions of the original procedure. A leaking implant can result collapsing of capsule and the breast tissue to be displaced, resulting in uneven breasts.


During surgery, the surgeon usually uses the original incisions to perform the capsulorrhaphy breast revision. Your surgeon determines the area where the breakdown occurred and uses internal sutures to strengthen the capsules wall and hold the breast implant or tissue in place.

Individuals requiring revision as a result of breast implants may have their implants restored during this procedure. The resulting reinforced wall is also referred to as an inner bra that holds the breast tissue or implant in place.

It is essential that you consult an experienced capsulorrhaphy surgeon for your revision. The procedure needs cooperation and patioent after the procedure than your original procedure, and then you should commit at least six weeks of no strenuous activity.


For the first four weeks after the procedure, your surgeon will ask you to wear a support bra. This will give your incisions time to develop a strong scar tissue which will keep your breasts in place; therefore, you should follow the instructions of your surgeon.

Capsulorrhaphy remains to be a reliable and safe method to recontour the size and shape of the breast implant pocket, resulting in a better appearance and shape of the breast. The technique is relatively simple to learn, and the results will appear to last.

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